The Harsnett Choir
The Harsnett Choir
The Harsnett Choir sings the choral services at cathedrals and churches when their own choirs are on holiday.
We are always interested to hear from new prospective members.   See the contact us page for more details.
Future visits
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Members and prospective members intending to join us at any of the above visits should contact the membership secretary at
Ed Sutton rehearses the Harsnett Choir in Southwark Cathedral Song School
Start Times
Service times
St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh
22-29 July 2018
St Paul's Cathedral
25 August 2018
Doncaster Minster
03-04 November 2018
Chichester Cathedral
16-17 February 2019
Exeter Cathedral
05-11 August 2019
Norwich Cathedral
03-09 August 2020
Harsnett Southwark
Leicester Cathedral
27 -28 April 2019