Harsnett Choir event booking system

The Harsnett Choir uses a website called ‘Muzodo’ for members to indicate which events they are available for.

When you join the choir, the secretary will enter your email address on the system and you will receive a ‘welcome’ email. It is important that if you change your email address you let us know so that you continue to get information.

New members should get automatic invitations to existing future events. If this doesn’t happen, log on to Muzodo as described below and record your planned attendance.

You will then receive individual invitations for each future event as they arise. You can simply click on the appropriate option in the email and the system will record this. However, if you create an account on Muzodo.com you can get a little more information about each event, including who else is coming, and you can review and if necessary record any changes to your planned attendance. Any changes will be automatically forwarded to the secretary.

To create an account, for which there is no charge:

Find your way to Muzodo.com

Click on ‘Log on / Register’ in the top left-hand corner.

Fill in the right-hand form under ‘Not a member yet? Sign Up!’.

(Make sure you use the same email address that you gave the secretary, or Muzodo will not recognise you.) Subsequently, of course, you can log on with your email and password using the left-hand form.

4. The system should recognise you from your email address and a list of future events will appear, click on each one and you will be able to see what you have signed up for. If you want to change any of these, click on the little pencil icon to change your entry.

If you have any problems please contact the secretary:
Eamjack@googlemail.com <mailto:Eamjack@googlemail.com> .